Musth, by Ashwini Bhasi

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2020 CutBank Chapbook Contest Winner


About the Author:
Ashwini Bhasi is a bioinformatician from Kerala, India, interested in exploring the somatics of shame, trauma and chronic pain through poetry and visual art. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in RHINO, Indianapolis Review, Room Magazine, Rogue Agent, Intima, The Feminist Wire and elsewhere. She received the 2018 William J. Shaw Memorial Poetry Prize from Dunes Review and was a finalist for the 2018 Rita Dove Poetry Award.

What the CutBank Judges Say:

“A stunning, cohesive collection. One of the best poetry collections I've read for this journal so far!”

“Starkly yet vividly conceived. All the grotesqueness (sewer sludge, rats in mouths, etc) is met with a real capacity for language and metaphor. The control over language, diction and sometimes experimental form provides a confident and clear entry point into the difficulty of some of the subject matter.”

“Incredible. Beautiful linguistic movement. The content is vital... This brevity is truly powerful.”

Musth by Ashwini Bhasi front cover
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